About The Artist Clifford How - "Fin Portraits"

I began drawing at an early age, filling scrapbooks with all kinds of sketches. I remember becoming quite obsessed with getting it just right with tears following if it wasn't the case.

Trout & Salmon Fishing

As a child I was also introduced to trout fishing by my father. Some of my fondest memories include the days spent "up the lakes" (Central Highlands, Tasmania, Australia). Despite the usual bad weather, which sometimes meant snow, I quickly grew a love for the pursuit of brown trout and the wild country in which they are caught.

trout and salmon fishing in a lakeSome years later I rekindled my love for drawing and painting. I am a self taught artist and landscapes and wildlife were included as my favourite subjects. Since 2000, I have been featured as a resident artist at a Victorian gallery, as well as displaying and selling at popular art exhibitions. Some of my works have been purchased by international collectors. My trout paintings are currently displayed by major fly fishing stores in Melbourne, Victoria and Launceston, Tasmania. The medium I work in is pastel on board and I'm a current member of The Pastel Society of Victoria. With the vast range of colours and spontaneous application I find it brings my paintings to life.

Trout & Salmon Painting

fish artist clifford how at easel with pastelsAn elderly tutor of mine stated some time ago, "for the best results, paint what you know and love". I heeded his advice and began drawing and painting trout. Years of fishing and art has enabled me to portray the trout in a lifelike manner. I strive to paint them "just right". The life size portraits include fine details such as fin rays and scales. Even scars.

With the popularity now of catch and release, particularly large fish, this allows those once in a life time catches to be remembered.

The objective I have is to allow you to remember your catch in the best possible way. I can even paint a trout you'd like to catch.

Clifford How
Artist and Fisherman
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